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The Injured Officers Initiative,

a project of Code 3, is an effort to provide law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty with a higher standard of care.

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What We Do

Many law enforcement officers who suffer debilitating injuries while serving their communities are unable to get the basic help they need. Often, officers who survive a tragic incident are forgotten, unable to get basic health care, and struggling to maintain the quality of life they deserve. We strive to help officers with medical care, wheelchairs, vehicles, job training for new careers, and much more.  

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The Injured Officers Initiative advocates on behalf of officers to provide a higher standard of care. We first provide short-term grants to help officers bridge the gap as they navigate the immediate crisis. Then, grant recipients can count on continued support from IOI as

we work together to find long term solutions for officers on the road to recovery.

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What we do for recipients:

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Career transition support

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Mobility resources

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Short-term grants for gap funding

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Education and advocacy

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Quality-of-life resources and support

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Officer Spotlight


Last year, Officer Rodriquez lost his ability to walk after being shot during a traffic stop. We collaborated with movers to get Officer Rodriquez and his family into a new, accessible home, and continue to provide assistance to support the family's needs. 

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