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How We Help

When Code 3 realized the scope of unmet need for officers injured in the line of duty, we took action.

How we care for recipients:

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Career transition


IOI provides career opportunity advice and counseling through a network of professionals in various fields.

Often, a career transition will require certification, licensing, or education and training requirements. IOI assists with scholarships to support the recipients’ career transition through grants and identifying other scholarship resources.

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Mobility resources

Mobility challenges due to disability is a recurring problem for many injured officers. IOI has partnered with other non-profits and foundations to address the mobility issues of our recipients and provide proper equipment that can increase mobility and comfort.

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Quality-of-life resources and support

Sometimes specific needs that affect the quality of life for injured officers and their families are identified, yet they may fall outside of workers’ compensation or available agency benefits. These needs may include childcare, immediate specialized transportation needs, moving expenses when relocating to a more accessible home, and more. IOI can provide grants to fund these needs or partner with other organizations that can provide support.

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Benefiteducation and advocacy

Some beneficiaries may qualify for benefits under the federal Public Safety Officer Benefits program; however, many officers and departments are not aware of this benefit. IOI educates both the officer and the agency concerning the PSOB program and application process.

Through our work with different officers, we have identified unintended gaps in the PSOB law language and provisions. IOI is working with consultants, members of Congress and their staff to address these gaps.

In most jurisdictions, injured officers rely on workers’ compensation insurance for medical benefits, which often doesn’t provide adequate resources and funding. Each state’s compensation laws are different, and IOI seeks to build a national network of professionals who can help navigate the process.

Some communities do not have benefits and funding available to adequately fund the medical needs of injured officers. IOI is working to change that through education and advocacy.

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Short-term grants for gap funding

An officer who has suffered a serious injury may experience short-term financial challenges due to a loss or reduction of salary, and/or incurring significant medical costs. These challenges can have an impact on the family’s budget concerning everyday expenses. IOI can often provide grants to close these gaps in the short term while long-term solutions are identified.

IOI has built a network of financial professionals who have agreed to volunteer their services to advise injured officers and their families. The change in income status, lifestyle changes, and long-term medical costs often require a family to restructure their budget and financial plans. Our financial professional volunteers can assist the family through this challenging process.

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