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Urban Rodriquez

Last year, Officer Rodriquez lost his ability to walk after being shot during a traffic stop. We collaborated with movers to get Officer Rodriquez and his family into a new, accessible home, and continue to provide assistance to support the family's needs.  


Urban has been accepted into the rehabilitation program at React, a cutting-edge neurological training facility in Addison, Texas. The facility came highly recommended by another injured officer who benefited greatly from the program. The program is not covered by insurance and all costs are out-of-pocket expenses.


Our goal is to sponsor Urban for six months of rehab at a cost of $10,400.

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There is no such thing as a “small contribution”. Any support you can give will go towards increasing the impact of Injured Officers Initiative in our community.


Please note: Any funds raised above and beyond the goal for this officer will be directed to help assist our work in reaching more officers in need and providing the higher standard of care that they deserve.

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